mardi 9 décembre 2008

Trip to Indonesia

In a bit less than two weeks, we will be visiting Indonesia. That will be the first time for Anita, who will only be able to stay for 2 weeks.
Lucky me who will be there for slightly more than a month...

For the two first weeks, I'm hoping to get through Java and Bali. Quite a classic route, yep. But not bad neither...
hopefully a day hike on Kawah Ijen or Gunung Bromo,
Bali with Kuta's beach, Ubud and what else...?
Probably a few markets in Jakarta as well.
I would be happy if we could do that all of that in 2 weeks. We'll see once there...

For the next three weeks, I'll try to be a bit more adventurous. :) and hit some less travelled roads.
I was hoping to go for a few overnights hiking trips. They have actually some very nice mountains -well... most of them are actually Volcanoes!-
For the moment, I have some wishes on those ones :
Gunung Rinjani (3726m), the second highest peak in Indonesia... A very nice 3 days hike in a wonderful scenery.
Gunung Semeru (3676m), a somewhat active volcano... check that : (and that!)
Closer from Jakarta, there is also the Merbabu (in the surroundings of Bandung) (3142m).

But since I will probably have to get out of the country because of my Visa :(, I am now thinking to hit the less travelled roads of Sumatra on my way to Singapor or Penang (Malaysia) (Tip from a virtual friend).
On the way, there seem to be some nice hikes as well... A few interesting national parks... And mountains: Sibayak, Singgalang, Api Merapi and Kerinci (3805m!!).
I am just a bit afraid of the meteo, since January is the rain season... It's clearly not the most popular season for indonesian hikes.
Here again, I will see... I don't want to take too much risks, of course. So I think I'll decide what to do when I will have evaluated what is possible and what isn't...

I'm very excited right now about those holidays. I really hope to make the most of it during those 5 weeks....
2 weeks left...!!!

  • PS: Please note that the pictures and videos are not mine... (I wish!!)
  • PS2: A few other interesting links for the ones interested in hiking in Indonesia: